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Q: What is EarthBound: Oblivion?

A: EarthBound: Oblivion is a web site based upon elements of the 1995 SNES RPG EarthBound and of the EarthBound Online Community. The site contains Flukes of EarthBound related things, contests, and Web Comics. EarthBound: Oblivion was first started in spring of 2000 but it didn't go over well so the project was shut down. It came back online in fall of 2001 and became semi-known. The web master (Everdred) decided he needed something new and not just another EarthBound site, so here it is, EarthBound: Oblivion.

Q: Can I submit Flukes or EarthBound Web Comics?

A: You sure can!

Q: How?

A: Right now, submit them via e-mail to me at, soon I will have something on the site you can submite by.

Q: I don't like making flukes or web comics, but I want to help! What can I do?

A: You can help in a numerous amount of ways. You can send in ideas for flukes or web comics you would like to see.

Q: For the Web Comic, can I be in it?

A: Yes and no. You have to have an icon of your character and I have to like ya lol. There will be lots of guest strips so if you want to be in one e-mail me.